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20_femmeslashs's Journal

20 Femme Slash/Yuri fanfics
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Hello! and welcome to 20 femme slashes This is inspired by such coms as 30_nights and 100_chances but this is a little different. There’s a lot of yaoi and het ones around so I decided to make what I think is the ‘first’ all girl fanfiction challenge.

The idea is to make 20 drabbles or fanfics that focus on the girly side of things. Female main roles and girl X girl relationships. The relationships can be close friends/rivals/lovers it can even be love triangles.

All you have to do it join up, pick a theme set and start writing. :D

Your maintainer/mod funkyfunkyusopp

Fanfic Submission Guidelines

Please use this when posting

Theme set:
Word count:

All fanfics/drabbles/art under LJ-CUT please ^-^

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Please follow these rules

- TWO claims per person only. When you have done one you can claim another. No one else can claim your pair/char until you have finished with them
- This is a low pressure community but we do ask you to keep active, one submission per month at the very least.
- No character bashing
- You CAN have straight parings and yaoi pairings in your work as long as they co exist with the main yuri pair or still focuses on the main female lead.
- Any rating is fine but please warn us before hand.
- If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say it. We’re here to have fun not worry about people bashing us.
- You don’t need to be the master of spelling or grammar but please put it through the spell check before posting =3

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Make A Claim!
Finished Claims

When claiming remember to put this :

LJ username:
Theme set:

Thank you!

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If you wish to submit a theme set then feel free =3

1. Spring
2. Ribbon
3. Water
4. Promise
5. Smile
6. Candle
7. Sunrise
8. Candy
9. Valentines
10. In your arms
11. Pain
12. Alone
13. Suicide
14. Rejection
15. Nightmare
16. Paranoia
17. Rape
18. Fight
19. Rough
20. Get away from me

1. Summer
2. Lace
3. Fire
4. Lies
5. Tears
6. Rope
7. Midnight
8. Blood
9. Vacation
10. Far away from here
11. Hope
12. Together
13. First time
14. Praise
15. Dream
16. Trust
17. Second Chance
18. Dance
19. Gentle
20. Hold my hand

1. Fall
2. Silk
3. Wind
4. Regret
5. Cruel
6. Glass
7. Sunset
8. Fear
9. Halloween
10. Don't look back
11. Fearless
12. Friends
13. Passion
14. Free will
15. Warm
16. Innocence
17. Love
18. Sing
19. Need
20. All I want is you

1. Winter
2. Velvet
3. Ice
4. Faith
5. Joy
6. Rose
7. Sunshine
8. Chocolate
9. Christmas
10. I love you
11. Denial
12. Silence
13: knife
14. Trapped
15. Cold
16. Defiled
17. Hate
18. Scream
19. Lust
20. I don't need you


You get bonus points for these =D ALSO you can swap up to TWO of these with the ones in your theme set if you really can't do said theme or have a better idea for one of the below.

1. Flowers
2. Joke
3. Horror
4. Fantasy
5. Blue
6. Red
7. Completion
8. Make-over
9. That damn boy
10. Music
11. Nothings ever easy
12. Dress-up
13. Power
14. Hide
15. School
16. Dates
17. Gift
18. Murder
19. Potion
20. Shame

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Who to contact and how!

Maintainer/mod funkyfunkyusopp
AIM: funkyfunky Usopp
MSN: change__of__heart@hotmail.com